YES! Women Everywhere are Celebrating a Brilliant Solution to Breast Support

By the end of this article, you will learn how you can exercise without zero breast bounce during ANY Sport or Workout

With each step a woman takes, her breasts move an average of 9cm – not just up and down, but also sideways – in a figure of eight motion. When she breaks into a run, they move up to 15cm with each stride, if unconstrained by a bra.

This means that during a 1 km jog of 1,320 steps, the breasts of an average C-cup sized woman will have independently traveled as much as 0.12 of a kilometer. Furthermore, each breast will have its own movement pattern – and will travel further the older she gets, as elasticity in skin starts to decline.

No other part of the female body is more affected by the forces of gravity than the breasts. While an average pair of breasts weighs about 3 lb each, there is very little natural support to hold them up.!

Well, the good news is someone has finally invented a product that provides compression to women during physical activity, particularly high impact. It has been developed to dramatically reduce vertical and lateral breast movement; preventing pain, injury and ligament damage.

This invention has been featured on Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Sportsinsight, Viva, Shefinds and also A ThriftyMom!

Here is how it works to Keep Your Breasts Pain Free and Perky..

Boobuddy is a unique, wearable fitness band that sits on your breasts during workouts.

With an adjustable strap, the band can be worn as an additional support to a sports bra or worn on its own.

Research has shown that your breasts can move as much during a jog as they do during a sprint and this causes the breasts to move in a figure of eight motion. This excessive movement is thought to be bad for your ‘breast kinetics’ which may result in eventual breast sagging.

The science behind it is quite simple, the connective tissues in the breasts are called Cooper’s ligaments and they ultimately help to maintain structural integrity, but they’re not that strong. The Cooper’s ligaments help to support your breast and maintain its position and shape, however when these ligaments are stretched it can give the appearance of sagging, contributing to the breast losing their natural contour and shape.

The Boobuddy helps to reduce the movement of the breasts which research has shown to be a factor in breast kinetics.

In fact, I just read an article that mentioned: “Breasts can stretch up to 15 cm in old age, with gravity starting to pull in your 30s when the nipple drops 1–2 cm.” 2


This is why you not only feel that your boobs hurt while you are active, but this is also what causes your breasts to permanently sag, lose their shape and their contour, and show the appearance of stretch marks—all irreversible without expensive and dangerous surgery!

What I’ve found to be so great about using Boobuddy is that it helps prevent this excessive up and down breast movement, meaning I can do ANY workout or play ANY sport without worrying about pain, sagging, or stretching.

BUT… Can’t You Just Wear 2 Sports Bras? (I mean… Large-Busted Women Have Been Using This “Breast Support Hack” for Years!)

If you are one of the women who’s been wearing 2 sports bras as your “go-to” for getting enough breast support your whole life and are thinking, “This is just a gimmick, right?”…I want you to know that I wondered the same thing too…at first.

Then I realized the only reason we have been putting ourselves through this “Two Sports Bra Torture” (C’mon, girl, you know that it hurts!) is because there was simply no better option available…until the Boobuddy came along.

Here’s what’s important to understand…wearing 2 sports bras when you work out or play sports doesn’t REALLY solve the REAL PROBLEM at hand.

Have you ever noticed that doubling up on sports bras might keep your breasts pulled in, which we both know is important and helpful, BUT it doesn’t do anything to keep your breasts from bouncing up and down?

I hadn’t either, until I tried the Boobuddy! That’s when it became noticeably clear that it was my breast bounce that caused the pain.

And I’m not alone. 50% of women say their breasts hurt too, when they bounce! 1

Now that I have the Boobuddy, I am grateful that I have a solution for that!

Something else I discovered after trying Boobuddy…it prevents your boobs from sagging and developing stretch marks, too!

Sagging!? Now You Are Saying My Sports Bra Is Causing My Boobs to Sag? And Stretch Marks, too?! OMG!

Well, to be fair…it’s not exactly your sports bra that is causing your boobs to sag and stretch marks to form; rather, its FAULTY DESIGN doesn’t prevent this awful problem…which the Boobuddy can!

But….hold onto your sports bras, ladies! Don’t throw them away just yet!

Here’s the simple science behind WHY your sports bra on its own is failing you, causing your breasts to hurt when you’re active, and also sag…

So Now You Want to Try It?

Using the Boobuddy takes no more than just 10 seconds to put on, and it’s super easy to do…unlike trying to fit a super tight sports bra, over another super tight sports bra, over your two large breasts.

(Because some days that can feel like a workout in and of itself!)

See for yourself just how easy it is to put on and how comfortable it is to work out in:

Where can I get a Boobuddy Sports Bra Band?

Don’t be fooled by the less superior knockoffs available today! Get the holy grail of sports bra bands—Boobuddy—straight from their official website here.

Given the high demand from so many women telling their girlfriends, “You need to try this!” and the incredible low price, there’s not always stock available.

To make sure you can get yours, don’t wait!

Not Sure Yet? Don’t Worry, You Will Be after You Read Through Some of These Other Great Reviews:


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