Throw Your Super Glue Away And Fix Virtually Anything!”


Stop struggling with items that could be an easy fix – get it done right the first time with Bondic®!

Liquid Plastic Welder.

  • Extremely Strong!
  • No Messes!
  • Better Than Superglue!
  • Quick Repairs And Easy To Operate!
  • Bond, Build, Fix And Fill Almost Anything!

" This stuff is simply amazing. I have used it to tie fishing flies, repair jewelry and multiple craft projects. Cures in 4 seconds. This stuff is workable until your ready to cure it. Wipes right off to start over. Love it. Got to be a top ten gadget of the year in my opinion."



Bondic Uses Ultraviolet LEDs to Fasten Things Together!

Waterproof and Heat Resistant Bond, Build, Fix, Fill Anything in Seconds!

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Thousands of Satisfied Customers!

Super Glue's Got Nothing On This Liquid Plastic You Harden With UV Light!

Here is how it works.

Just apply the clear liquid formula like a normal adhesive. Shine the UV light on the area for 4 seconds and…….VOILA! You now have a waterproof, weatherproof, rock-solid bond!. Fix toys and figurines, eyeglasses, jewelry, broken or chipped dishes…fill holes in leaky metal or composite pipes

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Shipping & Handling

Order Bondic® right now & Get Free USA Shipping when you get either the Best Value Package or the Most Popular Package. Our very simple 4-step process (clean, fill, cure and shape) has helped thousands fix almost anything, saving countless precious items from ending up in the trash.

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Bondic® is the worlds first liquid plastic welding tool, basically a pocket sized

Bondic Works With Any Material: Plastic, Wood, Metal, And Even Fabric!

Let's just say that this product saved me from having to wear my old horribly scratched glasses that I had in a drawer. IT WORKED !!!!! I have been wearing the repaired glasses for 5 days now and they are holding together just great. I even dropped them a couple of times (did I mention I am clumsy ?) and the bond is strong as ever !