Unisex Baby Plush Animal Face Robe One Size, 0-9 Months

$35.00 $23.00


  • 100% Polyester
  • Animal face plush hooded bath robe
  • Made with 100% plush coral fleece fabric
  • Soft and gentle on baby’s skin
  • Optimal for everyday use
  • Affordable, high quality bath robe

Alligator, Aztec, Black Plaid, Blue Clouds, Blue Elephant, Blue Plaid, Blue Whimsical Unicorn, Boho Fox, Bows, Boy Reindeer, Bunny, Chicken, Christmas Unicorn, Cozy Bear, Donkey, Fawn, Flamingo, Fox, Giraffe, Girl Lamb, Girl Penguin, Girl Reindeer, Gray Plaid, Gray Whimsical Unicorn, Hedgehog, Kitty, Koala, Leopard, Lion, Miss Monkey, Miss Panda, Modern Bunny, Modern Panda, Modern Unicorn, Multicolor Unicorn, Nerdy Giraffe, Pink Clouds, Pink Owl, Pink Unicorn, Pretty Elephant, Rainbow Unicorn, Red Black Plaid, Red Polka Dot, Snowman, White Unicorn, Yellow Duck, Zebra


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