Wear high heels 4x longer without pain.

A revolution in design, function and comfort. Meet the next generation of Weight-Shifting Insoles. The ONLY insole scientifically-proven to PREVENT foot pain caused by high heels.

Finally, high heels without the hurt.

Our permanent placement insoles are a revolution in design and comfort. And unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Vivian Lou weight-shifting insoles ever-so-slightly rotate the heel bone up and back allowing for a more equal distribution of weight between the forefoot and heel.

They also stop the feet from slipping forward in shoes.

The smarter way to wear high heels.

In a standard 3 inch heel, 75% of a woman’s body pressure is on her forefoot (foot on left.) The red, orange, and yellow spots– that’s where we feel the pain, the burn, the pressure.

With our Classic weight-shifting insoles, there is an incredible shift of pressure off the forefoot (foot on right.) This is the same woman, same shoe, same foot– now with our insoles.

Can’t you just feel it now?

How This insoles are different.